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Coffee and Power: The App for Coworking

If you are reading this article, more than likely you will agree that technology is central to our lives, our society as well as livelihoods.  Over the past decade, we have experienced numerous ways digital devices have impacted ‘how’ we work.  Even more so in recent years, technological advances have expanded ‘who’ we work with as physical distance is no longer a barrier for teams.  It only makes sense that technology enables us now to consider ‘where’ we work, as more and more professionals work remotely.  Have you ever sat in a coffee shop and looked up to see that you were surrounded by other people working on laptops or iPads? Were you curious to know what projects they were working on, and even wondered if there might be the opportunity for collaboration? If so, we have just the app for you: Coffee and Power.  To learn more about this app and the changing ways professionals are connecting with one another, I interviewed Tovah King, the Community Coordinator for Coffee and Power.

Tell us a bit about how Coffee and Power works? Coffee & Power creates tools for independent and mobile workers. We’re currently working on an iPhone app that allows you to see who’s working nearby and helps you identify people with specific skills for collaboration. It also allows you to extend your LinkedIn resume with more detailed projects and accolades. We’re building it so our users can create a public record of their work and expertise while also recognizing their colleagues for theirs.

How did the name come about and what does it mean? Our co-founders coworked from cafes for about a year before renting a physical space, the first C&P Workclub in San Francisco. While working from coffee-shops, bars, cafes and parks, the joke was always, What does every entrepreneur need? Coffee and Power.  So that became the name!

What can you share about the founder and the vision for Coffee and Power? The Coffee & Power co-founders Philip Rosedale, Ryan Downe and Fred Heiberger bring a deep legacy of expertise in software development, social entertainment, peer-based recognition systems, community development, and workforce mobilization. They are very interested in exploring the future of work and in building tools to aid collaboration for the new mobile workforce. Philip has spoken about our vision at several conferences, including the recent Big Omaha or last fall’s Crowd Conference.

Who is the target audience and what cities are you launching in? Coffee & Power is for anyone who doesn’t have a typical desk job, who works independently. Coworkers, freelancer developers, entrepreneurs, marketers, designers, social media managers, and so on. We’re currently testing early versions of the Coffee & Power app in both the San Francisco and Portland areas, but we’re set up to work anywhere in the world.

What are your thoughts on how Coffee and Power is representative of changes in our society, working environment and economy? The way we communicate is changing. Mobile technology in particular allows us to interact with our friends, family and coworkers at any time from anywhere. Coffee & Power helps mobile workers connect with one another.

Tell us about an instance where you were about to connect with someone using Coffee and Power. We had a developer walk into the SF Workclub after hearing about us. He arrived, checked in on the app, and when it was announced we saw that he was an iOS developer.  So we went to chat with him to find out more and it turns out he was looking for new projects. We got him set up on Worklist (our task management tool) and now he’s helping to write our iPhone app!  That’s the power of a checkin.

What are the ways in which our users can utilize Coffee and Power to broaden their networks? When I go into a coffee shop and see the rows of people hiding behind their laptops, I’m so curious! I’m dying to know what are they working on. Checking in on C&P gives me more information about the entrepreneur I’m sitting next to and what crazy, innovative project they’re working on. It gives me a reason to chat with the people near by and maybe even help them out.  

How is Coffee and Power to other social media platforms and could possibly used in conjunction with them? Coffee & Power extends your LinkedIn profile by adding public recognition for tasks, projects, and skills. It also creates a history of places where you frequently work, making it easier for others to find you and collaborate. We believe Coffee & Power can utilize social media channels to collaborate and get things done.

Thank you Tovah for your time. Before we end, what are the next steps for our readers?

  1. Download the Coffee & Power app from the iTunes store
  2. Create an account using your LinkedIn profile or your LinkedIn-connected Coffee & Power account (learn how to connect an old C&P account)
  3. Browse venue tab and check-in to your favorite coworking space or cafe next time you’re out working
  4. Browse the people tab and exchange contact information with coworkers nearby
  5. Send us feedback! Email with any feedback or other thoughts

See you on Coffee & Power -the app!

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