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#tmmTops Modern Marketing Post Picks: What WE think YOU need to know this week

Friday has finally arrived this week and we’ve got another version of ‘THE week in modern marketing’. Facebook was once again in hot water this week amid accusations of click-fraud and FAKE accounts. Anyone who has worked with AdWords over the last decade won’t be surprised by the news that bots may be doing most of the clicking. Google tackled that issue head-on YEARS ago. It will be interesting to see how Facebook handles it.

Only slightly better off this week was NBC, as complaints of their piss-poor and time-delayed Olympics coverage was trending with the hashtag #NBCfail. Taking the old school approach to criticism, NBC used it’s leverage with Twitter to get a reporter’s account suspended DOUBLE #NBCfail!

Whether it’s the latest marketing debacle making it’s way across the web OR a great ‘how-to’ on link building, we’ve got this weeks hottest posts. Enjoy!

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